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DOMAIN-LEASING is a subsidiary of an alternative investment company which has been
engaged in the domain name business since 1997. We believe that domain names can be
used as an asset class, similar to real estate to generate income.

Our Mission: to create a safe platform where domain name owners can lease their portfolio to businesses owners.

Why leasing a domain:
  • As you lease and rent your store or office building instead of buying, so to it may be in your best interest to lease and rent a quality domain name to start a business.
  • You can deduct the cost of leasing over the life of the lease like other assets and business expenses instead of paying tax for a domain that you had to acquire, which ultimately becomes subject to capital taxes because you are required to file it in your balance sheet as an asset.
  • By not spending your capital for purchasing the domain, which may become a dead asset, you can save your cash and use it to grow the business.
  • You can cancel the lease and you donít need to deal with selling it in case you want to change your business or close.
  • You can use multiple top domain names as landing pages to promote your business as you would open different stores in different locations.
  • You can rent multiple top keyword domains and redirect them to your website in order to promote your business and increase traffic to your site.



For Domain Tenants/Buyers


For Domain Owners

We provide domain Tenants a secure escrow system for the entire transaction and up to 48 months 0% interest in-house financing. This will give you the benefit of having full access over the domain name, while generating income to pay for the acquisition cost.

This will allow you to eliminate the risks related to buying a domain name and you will be able to save your cash to fund your core business needs without worrying about making a lump-sum cash investment.


We provide a platform where you can exclusively list your domains for sale and lease. We do not show any option with similar domains to buyers, since the buyer came to our site to buy your domain name and we do not want to confuse him.

You just need to forward your domain to our page and we do the rest. We charge only 10% commission which is the lowest in this market. We also provide tenants a range of free domain and webhosting services such as Email and DNS management.




Why invest in domain names? As the three most important aspects to real estate are location, location, and location, the same holds true for a domain name. The right domain name can save millions in online advertising expenses over time. The main advantages of investing in domains are:

  • Scarcity and uniqueness
  • Mobility:they can be operated from anywhere;
  • inexpensive
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • no Forex risk, can be traded in any currency;
  • Easy transferability: restrictions on transfer from person to person are less than other assets;
  • No country and no counter-party risk;
  • Can be developed and monetized with limited resources.

Is there a right time to Invest in Domains? When it comes to investing in domain names timing is usually not a question because domain names have no direct correlation with other asset classes.


Already too late? The assumption that the good names are taken or too expensive is not valid because just as in the real estate market the prices climbed for the last 1000 years, the same is valid for domain names. We have observed that domain names are changing hands in increasing volumes on a daily basis, which has attracted the attention of sophisticated investors.


1. $14,000,000
2. $9,999,950
3. $9,500,000
4. $7,500,000
5. $7,500,000
6. $7,000,000
7. $5,100,000
8. $5,000,000
9. $5,500,000


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